Sign up as representative

On this page you can send in your request to participate in the representative program of In order to participate in the regional representative program you do not have to be the “monitoring” service, as well as achieve the age necessary according to the legislation of your country to be able to be making decisions that have legal outcomes.

In order to participate in our representative program and receive 11% from each deposit from our partners you will need to provide the channels that you will be using to connect with the potential investors of Zooo Proprietary Limited. If our service finds this lack of connection using the provided information, your contact information may be taken down or corrected because our potential clients will be contacting you using these channels. Many of them truly want to invest, and they need a high quality consultation.

Our representatives receive 8% of an immediate reward from each deposit made by partners who have registered using their referral link, as well as 3% on a regular schedule of representative bonus distribution.

Providing a large number of channels to connect with a representative provides for a higher chance of receiving informational requests, and, as a result, the reward. Active processing of the incoming informational requests also facilitates receiving representative income. Therefore, we recommend our representatives to stay connected. Thank you for your support.

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