About ZOOO.CC Limited

On the far side of the world, in the capital of Australia, Sydney, there is located on several floors a distributed office of Zooo.cc company or Zooo Proprietary Limited. This office is divided into two parts. One of them is a number of rooms, where people constantly work, and the other one is a consultative space. This is a set of open spaces with different design and equipment, as well as all the things needed for meetings and project work. The working day of all employees has a flexible structure and is built around the problems being formed with a powerful online management system that includes the whole range of communication channels (i.e. the entire range of personal communication and interaction devices), and unifying each and every employee of Zooo.cc LTD. Currently, the total number of staff is 131. Detached building is the financial trading department, which carries out trading on the International Monetary Market through the network of trading offices located in London, New York and Hong Kong.

The tasks of the staff and the whole team include the organization and implementation of business operations, bringing highly remunerative profit in the sphere of sustainable development of mankind according to strategy “The Evolution of the Mankind Success” ®. In other words, investments in projects that generate income and at the same time realizing the processes of improvement and change of a person's life. The team not only allocates the capital, but also provides a profit, as well as its distribution among investors.

We have been doing this online for nearly two years.

The Evolution of Mankind

The mankind cannot rescue itself. But it is clear that nowadays there is only a threat to humanity itself. Nature and the Earth will continue to exist in one form or another. The man himself is threatened with extinction. Like rare animals vanish one after another in the natural world, so another animal – the man – will vanish. Huge resources are spent on the elimination of “greenhouse effect” and even on the “green” struggle. However, if the nature will pull millstones of history, all this will not help.

Horizontal distribution of energy produced from the planting of non-functional areas – this is one of the most advanced trends in the approach to solving the problems of non-renewable energy sources, but it is done by very few. Very few countries. Our company sees this as an opportunity to invest in the development of the maximum cheap and efficient solar panels, which can be manufactured in unlimited quantities almost everywhere. Primarily in China. Now we have involved about 15 teams in two dozen projects, which aim to answer this question.

Industrial production of meat turns farms to slaughterhouses. This is an unacceptable abuse of animals. The economic justification for these methods can not constitute justification. Creation of effective farm enterprises and development of alternative methods of power for a man – this is the real way to minimize aggressiveness of our impact on the world around us.

Genetic engineering is experiencing a period of secondary recovery, and our company has become a part of this process. We have allocated a large share of capital in projects that allow directly or indirectly benefit of the scientific experiments with the genes. In fact, cloning is the right way to create the Zoo of ancient animals – and this is our dream.

We pay great attention to the problem of slow development of esoteric sciences, alternative medicine and lack of opportunities for active implementation of changes in culture. Zooo.cc LTD history originates from innovative approaches, some of which could be called ambiguous, if they would not have found the unequivocal support from many people, and subsequently – investors.

The Evolution of Success

In order to create its pool of first investment projects, Zooo.cc LTD used the most aggressive trading strategies in the Forex market. One of the first one was a project that allowed to carry out non-traditional fundamental analysis, and sometime after that we were convinced that the project began to produce results. Its best practices have become the main trading strategy that is used to the present day. However, a benefit to mankind within one human life has become the basic principle for the selection of investment projects.

Successful trading strategy in the Forex market has allowed us to hire people and to organize the information and analytic core, around which we have built the whole environment with such opportunities as, for instance, a bilateral financial exchange. We try to describe it as simple as possible, and we hope it is easy to understand. Such natural things are still innovations for humanity, because the main driving mechanism of the market is the benefit. Therefore, Zooo.cc had to create its own market.

This market is focused on companies that Zooo Proprietary Limited staff constantly selects and controls through virtual offices and distributed management. All companies have a set of binding criteria, main one of which is a change of the mankind life for the better. In the market itself there are valid certain principles, such as the strongest survives, and so on. Each project demonstrates the result or does not get funding, roughly speaking.

On the basis of regular, permanent transactions in this market, as well as with the support of an aggressive trading strategy in the Forex market, we were able to form an investment package, which includes the profitability of 2% per day. It works the second year. The amount of methods that cater to this investment program and the approach itself we have called strategy “The Evolution of the Mankind Success” ®.

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