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Welcome to ZOOO.CC Limited

The human race is not going to save itself. It is clear that the only threat existing in the modern period of time is the threat exists towards this human race. The nature and the planet Earth will continue existing in one form or another. Humans themselves are under a threat of extinction. Just as rare animals become extinct one after another in the world of nature, the next animal to become extinct is the human. Huge resources are spent on eliminating the greenhouse effect and the green movement overall. However, a systemic approach is not taken into account. Any accident is not only a consequence of human activity, but also a natural evolution of nature. We have taken into account this evolution, and have developed a mechanism of a passive income generation based on it.

We have created a zooo.cc of investment instruments that are directed towards a whole set of the most forward-looking and successful areas. Only the natural and real survives in today’s world, and that is the only thing that is going to be preserved tomorrow, and that is what we are counting on. Following the instincts, we are building a bridge between the past and the future, creating this future now.

Relying on projects of changing factory-processed meat, systems of nutrition for rare animals, genetic engineering, and developments related to cloning, our company is creating unique business processes. We hire analysts and scientists on the money we receive from investors, and our scientists study all suitable projects, and add them to our Zooo.

Our company is Noah’s Arc that also invests in innovative energy solutions, and financial markets besides the areas of focus mentioned. Clean energy is pure income. We trade on currency markets, and also invest through stock exchanges into companies that have the same philosophy as we have at Zooo.

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Representation and Growth of Profitability of Zooo.cc
Mar-23-2017 01:27:45 PM
We are pleased to announce that our representative program has begun to rapidly expand its geography. Only in the last week we were joined by representatives from 10 countries. Of these, there are Mexico, Turkey, Singapore, Colombia, Japan and Egypt. Now Zooo Proprietary Limited is officially represented in these countries also.

You can find a list of representatives on our website and contact any of them: https://zooo.cc/?a=cust&page=representatives

Thanks to this success and the development of the strategy “Humanity Success Evolution” in general, we made it possible to improve our investment proposal. We still offer up to 14% per day, but the bottom of the profitability is now equal to 2.2% of the passive net profit daily. Of course for all new and old investors of this plan. Deposits from as little as $50. So, you are welcome here. As well as in the After plan with $100 minimum and 750% return in 75 days.

We are sure that such results of our strategy and high popularity of the company will allow us not to stop at what has been achieved and not only to offer more benefits to private investors as a result, but also to create a real perspective for partners and regional representatives.

Our company has not only big ambitions, but also great resources needed for success. Join us now!
Spring with Zooo Proprietary Limited
Mar-21-2017 02:27:15 PM
We are pleased to address you with a greeting from the Spring of 2017, 2 years after the commencement of our online work and the discovery of high-yield opportunities of green technologies and innovative investments for the entire world. Welcome to the season when the cycle of nature begins a delightful path of rebirth and growth. Third year of our successful online presence.

Here, in Australia, where Zooo.cc is located, it is almost not felt. However, our investment strategy unites capital from all over the world. Offering up to 14% of revenue per day and accepting even $50 for placement (PM, Bitcoin, AdvCash, Payeer), we have won loyalty among private and large investors from almost any country.

Now loyal customers, convinced of the stability and reliability of Zooo Proprietary Limited, are actively becoming partners and representatives of our company. We have prepared for them an updated set of banners, as well as other materials that will be published in the coming days.

Everyone can communicate with the staff of our company, through the website, social networks or phone. Any time. Although, we tried to make our website so simple and convenient that it could be understood by almost any person.

Zooo Proprietary Limited aims not only to accelerate the evolution of humankind and solve its urgent problems. First of all, we want to unite all the free capital of the world with our strategy. And to that effect we have all the necessary resources, experience and tools.

Now these tools are available to everyone. By registering on our website, you receive a unique partner link and the opportunity to follow the work of our company. We promise that it will be fascinating and we are convinced that you should not ignore this chance. We have no mandatory requirements and hidden conditions and we never will.

Yours Zooo.cc team.
Zooo Proprietary Limited Two Years Online
Jan-30-2017 06:43:06 PM
Zooo.cc works for two years. For two years, every day we accept deposits, accrue profit and pay it. Thousands of satisfied investors, no complaints, no delays. Last year was very productive for us and pleased us with the excellent results. Everyone could join these results and get the share.

Offering from 2% per day we did everything so that anyone could join this investment opportunity, so a minimum deposit of these plans may be only $25. By expanding our influence and increasing turnover, we can also offer the possibility of 750% in just 75 days. At last, the apex of our investment strategy has become the investment plans with the profitability from 10%, which also became available to the general public this year. We plan to further develop the availability of our investment plans and create full possibility of acceding to qualitative changes in the world and obtaining highly profitable passive income for everyone.

Above all, the third year of our work will be marked with deepening of those trends that "Humanity success evolution" has provided for us in the past. Highly profitable trading in the Forex market, professional and comprehensive service to our customers and, of course, representation. We strive to be represented in at least 100 countries around the world and we are confident that this year the result will be achieved. Once this becomes a reality, we can offer more opportunities for cooperation with our company offline.
Official Congratulations from Zooo.cc on the NY 2017
Dec-31-2016 06:41:30 PM
We look forward to continue our development and demonstrate our customers steady growth rate confirmed with daily profits, instant payment and high quality servicing. During the last year we implemented help desk, increasing capacity of mail support, as well as added chat and phone support. Next year these communication channels will be available around the clock.

We intend to show more inner workings of the company and continue publication of reports on our animal Forex trading. Such reports publication was initiated last year. It has been highly appreciated by our investors. It is no secret that openness and publicity of online companies create a solid basis for trust and confidence and ensure fruitful and effective cooperation.

In 2017 our program for regional representatives will be brought to a new level and will involve everyone. Our permanent representatives will be able to earn additional income, our new investors will be able to take advantage of new earning mechanisms and Zooo.cc family may enlarge significantly. Our website is constantly developing and anyone can join this process and receive substantial financial returns.

Let the new year be a year of income, profits and effective collaboration.
Your Zooo Proprietary Limited (Australia).
Merry Christmas to All Investors of the Company!
Dec-23-2016 06:39:45 PM
We would like to congratulate all customers of the company celebrating today this family religious holiday. Today is a start of a series of religious holidays uniting most religions of the world; it is the event that gathers all the relatives and loved ones around the table. We wish warmth and peace for your family, as well as wealth offered by Zooo Proprietary Limited.
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