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Welcome to ZOOO.CC Limited

The human race is not going to save itself. It is clear that the only threat existing in the modern period of time is the threat exists towards this human race. The nature and the planet Earth will continue existing in one form or another. Humans themselves are under a threat of extinction. Just as rare animals become extinct one after another in the world of nature, the next animal to become extinct is the human. Huge resources are spent on eliminating the greenhouse effect and the green movement overall. However, a systemic approach is not taken into account. Any accident is not only a consequence of human activity, but also a natural evolution of nature. We have taken into account this evolution, and have developed a mechanism of a passive income generation based on it.

We have created a zooo.cc of investment instruments that are directed towards a whole set of the most forward-looking and successful areas. Only the natural and real survives in today’s world, and that is the only thing that is going to be preserved tomorrow, and that is what we are counting on. Following the instincts, we are building a bridge between the past and the future, creating this future now.

Relying on projects of changing factory-processed meat, systems of nutrition for rare animals, genetic engineering, and developments related to cloning, our company is creating unique business processes. We hire analysts and scientists on the money we receive from investors, and our scientists study all suitable projects, and add them to our Zooo.

Our company is Noah’s Arc that also invests in innovative energy solutions, and financial markets besides the areas of focus mentioned. Clean energy is pure income. We trade on currency markets, and also invest through stock exchanges into companies that have the same philosophy as we have at Zooo.

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Regular Information Report from Zooo.cc!
Apr-20-2017 08:49:56 PM
Our company is pleased to announce that we continue to work in a regular mode and to go forward according to the plan. We expand our geography, adding 100 representatives a week, building up our investment portfolio, making instant payouts and getting investments every day from thousands of investors who choose the “Humanity success evolution” strategy.

Zooo Proprietary Limited combines technologies, capabilities and people, processes all this information with the help of own tools and distributes finances between those projects that have practically guaranteed profitability. We distribute the received income between investors in automatic mode and each of them can use the results of the money almost instantly after we close the transaction or transfer regular income.

https://zooo.cc/index.php?a=cust&page=start  — on this page you can see how easy it is to join our website and start earning on it. Zooo.cc is constantly evolving and today you can see each of the 5 steps on the video that will give an understanding of how easy it is to manage your user account.

http://fb.com/zoooltd/ — on our social pages you will always find living investors, testimonials, payment proofs and reports, as well as live information about our work. We continue to welcome the publication of your experience with our company, screenshots of the income received, invested funds, and video feedback. To view them, you can check directly our YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/channel/UCrzy4WvaMjbXAiS2tvnl3bQ

Next week we will make a report on the development of our program of regional representatives, since we will be able to add everyone who has been waiting for consideration of the application for some time. In a few weeks all representatives will have more sources for promotion and we are sure that everyone will like it. As a result, investors will receive even better service, support and accessibility of the “Humanity success evolution” strategy. Everyone can become a part of it now.

With best regards,
Your Zooo.cc Proprietary Limited team
Zooo.cc is Represented in 60 Countries!
Apr-12-2017 09:07:52 PM
Zooo Proprietary Limited strides the world. Every day we receive dozens of applications from those who wish to represent our company in their country. As a result, already 64 countries have virtual representation of Zooo.cc today.

In the next 3 years we intend not only to open virtual representations in all countries of the world, but also to realize the conversion of the maximum number of them into real representations. Investors are calling for increased diversity for interaction. In an offline representation, any visitor will be able to get advice from a living person, as well as information about us in print. Of course, our online customers will always be the first to receive all the information.

Moreover, our representatives will be the very first to receive such information at all. Therefore, we are so pleased that the number of regional representatives of Zooo.cc is constantly growing. Closer to the summer, we will be able to offer them new sets of banners, as well as materials with facts about company requested for so often.

Unfortunately, we can’t do all we want and even all we have to, but the main thing is to follow the plan. The Zooo Proprietary Limited plan is implemented exactly according to our calculations, for more than 800 days. We made it possible to get 500% once or 12% daily after 50 days ($200/$450 min). With such stability and perspective, we view these conditions as outstanding financial products and we are sure that the question of whether they are known around the world or believed by everyone is only the matter of time. The third year of stable payments, just like the previous two. Quick, professional and successful solution of all emerging difficulties and constant confident development – this is basic and simple ideas behind our day-to-day approach.

Today the development of Zooo.cc is expressed in the next step to one of our goals. And today in 60 countries this step is shared by our customers who place capital under our management and change the world. Thank you.
Even More Profit and Accessibility of Zooo.cc Investments!
Apr-7-2017 06:11:16 PM
Today Zooo Proprietary Limited has almost reached the symbolic term of continuous online work of 800 days. On this stretch of the road, we did not have a single complaint or negative report. We passed the process of official legalization. Now our company is represented in 50 countries. We have more than 50,000 customers and we intend to achieve much more.

In the next three years, we plan to cover the whole world with our representation. Our investment products will be accessible to everyone and they will be even more profitable. Starting today, we begin to charge each investor of a minimum plan of the Normal Group 2.5% per day and are ready to do this for each new investor. Deposit amount is only $50.

Our success in contracts for the implementation of projects in the field of wind power in the territory of the Republic of South Africa began to bring significant benefits and sharply increased the value of shares of certain assets. Advancements in medicine direction are also significant. Thanks to this, today we can also offer paying out 3.3% per day on deposits from $300 and return of 500% in 50 days to a deposit of only $200.

The most popular plan, we are sure, will now be one that offers 12% daily earning for 50 calendar days with just $450 to invest.

Every day we work on the development of the strategy “Humanity success evolution” and every day brings results to us, our clients and in perspective. In the next 8 years, conditions will be created for broad multi-lingual interaction and cooperation not only for investors, but also for activists from all over the world. We will be able to share the first successes on this path with everyone in the next 200 days.

However, the company is not going to stop on 1000 days or 3000. We are here to achieve results, and not nice statistics. Therefore, we will be glad to everyone.

For this purpose, we create the most accessible conditions, provide live support and do not intend to stop on this path. Each partner gets an opportunity to earn extra money, and Zooo regional program is one-of-a-kind. And this is only the beginning.

With best regards,
Your Zooo.cc team
Just a News Report on Success!
Mar-30-2017 10:49:27 PM
We welcome everyone who reads these lines. Zooo Proprietary Limited continues to improve day by day in order to maximize the strategy of the “Humanity success evolution” and to implement it as widely as possible.

Projects on protection and development of the environment, medicine, animal agriculture, alternative energy sources and some other related areas have become the focus of Zooo.cc Proprietary Limited main interest; our analysts have been able to find enough projects in these areas to integrate them into one mechanism that with help of BigData tools allows you to control the distribution of funding from private investors and their profit, including on a microscopic deposit.

The minimum amount of investments is $50 and there are no restrictions on geography or the number of deposits. We do not put forward any additional requirements, that is, there are no hidden conditions. Investment plans are fixed and changed only for the better offering the maximum attraction for you.

With zooo.cc website our company wants to unite people from all over the world. In this regard, we are looking for representatives and provide them with an attractive interest rate of 11%.

The referral link of the representative will be placed directly in the list of representatives.

This week we will update the map to show the real coverage of our company and also will add more convenient navigation by countries.

If you want to support our company, we offer you also the opportunity to publish your payments not only on the websites of our ratings (https://zooo.cc/index.php?a=rateus) and forums, but also on official pages in social networks:


You can do this under any publication, adding your unique referral link to your transfer information.

Where to find your referral link you can see in this video: https://youtu.be/D10D5lLnLXM

With best regards,
Your Zooo.cc team
Representation and Growth of Profitability of Zooo.cc
Mar-23-2017 01:27:45 PM
We are pleased to announce that our representative program has begun to rapidly expand its geography. Only in the last week we were joined by representatives from 10 countries. Of these, there are Mexico, Turkey, Singapore, Colombia, Japan and Egypt. Now Zooo Proprietary Limited is officially represented in these countries also.

You can find a list of representatives on our website and contact any of them: https://zooo.cc/?a=cust&page=representatives

Thanks to this success and the development of the strategy “Humanity Success Evolution” in general, we made it possible to improve our investment proposal. We still offer up to 14% per day, but the bottom of the profitability is now equal to 2.2% of the passive net profit daily. Of course for all new and old investors of this plan. Deposits from as little as $50. So, you are welcome here. As well as in the After plan with $100 minimum and 750% return in 75 days.

We are sure that such results of our strategy and high popularity of the company will allow us not to stop at what has been achieved and not only to offer more benefits to private investors as a result, but also to create a real perspective for partners and regional representatives.

Our company has not only big ambitions, but also great resources needed for success. Join us now!
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