Frequently asked questions

Questions about the company and its activities

Tell us about the company in a nutshell
Zooo Proprietary Limited is a private finance and investment company of Australia, which has developed and is implementing a strategy of successful investment in the future of humanity. The investment strategy includes such concepts as “sustainable development of humanity” and, of course, its evolution. distributes consolidated investment capital between the projects that correspond to Zooo philosophy, i.e., above all, we give not only profit, but also implement a qualitative change in the paradigm of the natural development of life on the mother Earth. The method of selection of such projects, as well as the mechanism of interaction with them, the company named “Humanity success evolution” strategy. Interaction with investors is carried out through this website.
When did the’s history begin?
Our company has been working since the beginning of 2015.
How long does work online?
Our company has been working online since January 30, 2015.
How can you verify that the company has been working for so long online?
From the very first day of public services to our customers, is controlled by monitoring of independent third parties. The history of their work can be found here..
Is it possible to learn about the company's business?
The invests private capital as per its own strategy “Humanity success evolution”. Our team manages the people creating conditions for investment interaction with the projects corresponding to our philosophy as well performs everything required to make a profit from this interaction.
What is the geography of the company’s activities? is an international company and provides services to clients worldwide. Specific character of our business allows us to enter into contracts virtually anywhere in the world. Legally, we are registered in Sydney, Australia, the company is also managed out of here. We have no geographical restrictions on the registration.
Since when the Zooo Proprietary Limited company is registered?
Zooo Proprietary Limited was registered on November 25, 2014. Zooo Proprietary Limited legal entity was registered on October 7, 2016.
What is the validity period of domain name
Till the year 2024.
What does the Zooo Proprietary Limited company offer to its customers?
Our company offers capital allocation, the minimum size of which is $25. By creating a deposit, the customer is guaranteed a profit on a daily basis or according to a schedule that is formed on the basis of the amount of the deposit, as well as the plan chosen by the investor.
What restrictions does have? has no geographical or other restrictions: anyone can create a deposit on our website. The only requirement is to achieve age sufficient for legal adoption of judicial decisions in your country.
What is the Zooo Proprietary Limited financial management strategy?
Our company carries out the selection and interaction with the projects, the relevant conditions of our strategy “Humanity success evolution” ®. The essence of this strategy lies in the fact that we can identify the projects that contribute to and participate in the sustainable development of humanity, i.e. guaranteed to make a profit in them (96% efficiency). However, an important component of this approach is the fact that we can influence the selected projects so that to greatly speed up and increase profit earning.
Additionally, conducts regular trading on the Forex market. In this direction, the company adheres to the most aggressive and effective strategies, functioning on the principle “the strongest survives”. While working with the best traders and providing them with maximum opportunities for the implementation of natural instincts, we do not give the victim (i.e. profits) any chance to escape.
What is the company?
Our company is an organization of people united around one big idea and having an extensive support, which consists of a successful financial strategy and endless investment capital that expects to receive under management via the Internet.
Why the company does not use its own and credit funds?
Our company uses not only the funds of private investors, but also credit money, the funds of institutional clients, as well as invests its own funds as a percentage of net income that we receive from private investors as commission charges.
What is the percentage the company's profits from the amount of total profits?
The company gets all the income, which is produced in excess of the amount that the company is due under the terms of the investment plan chosen by the investor. Besides, the company gets all the profits earned from equity capital management.
How does the selection of investment projects occur?
We select projects on the basis of our strategy “Humanity success evolution”, which is based on the principle that every project that receives the capital from our company should bring real effective benefit and result for over one human life.
Who owns the company?
All the capital invested in the company, as well as profits, proposed under the terms of the investment plans, belongs to investors. Owner of the Zooo Proprietary Limited, who owns the strategy “Humanity success evolution” ®, is Oliver Richardson.
Why the profit returned to investors is so high?
The company believes that the payment of high profits is a form of investment, aimed at the development of the company. When paying profits to our investors, we get a lot of support in the investment community, and this, in its turn, is a major incentive for attracting new customers. Our investors share the company's philosophy, and we believe their loyalty is the main instrument for the sustainable development of the company.
Besides, a key component of success of the Zooo Proprietary Limited strategy is the attraction of maximum possible amount of capital. For this purpose, it is critical to provide and implement the possibility of obtaining such income, which can be felt and used. The main mission of our company is to change the life of humanity for the better, so first of all, we provide for a human.
Each investor can become such human.
How does the company work?
Our company carries out its activities from a central office that manages the virtual office of the company, as well as all the people involved. For performance of trading activities there are separate offices that subordinate to the head one. The main task of the head office is to implement the investment strategy named “Humanity success evolution”. This strategy includes a number of parameters, mainly the result of which is the ability to obtain regular and high profit.
Stripped of fine words, our company accepts the money from investors, selects projects and ensures profit earning, and then carries out the distribution of profits among all participants according to the size of the invested capital and the chosen plan.
Where is the company situated?
The head office is located in the city Sydney in Australia.
How risky the collaboration with Zooo Proprietary Limited is?
Allocation of capital together with is an investment. When you invest your capital, you become a full participant in the transaction. Our company guarantees the highest level of control over all possible circumstances that can result in dangerous circumstances. Besides, we have established a reserve fund, which can compensate up to 10% of regular losses (percentage of actual regular losses of the company is about 3-6%) and up to 100% of the amount of all deposits. This reserve fund is of dynamic nature and constantly reflects the situation for all funds.
Thus, there are provided three levels of protection the company is responsible for in this transaction. In fact, it guarantees the success of investments in Zooo, but it does not relieve the investor from an investor role to be responsible for his own choice and take possible risks voluntarily.
Can I cancel the financial transactions on the website?
No, you can not. All the operations are not reversible and are executed immediately. You are kindly requested to pay attention to the fact that neither the administration, nor the support team may change the results of your actions, primarily related to financial transactions on the website.
What is the history of your company?
Our company is rooted in the consulting and trading business. Since 1996, the sphere of interest includes stock trading, rare earth metals trade, as well as trade in commodities in the regional markets. Occupying broad global positions and combining several large investment companies, holding company, which included, had been gaining momentum until 2007. At that moment, with collapse of the mortgage market in the USA, the management has decided on a number of steps to minimize the risks. One of those steps assumed split of the company and maximum autonomy of each of the components. As a result, for one year it was succeeded to disband the holding to the maximum extent, and all participants and investors managed to avoid the crisis of 2008 almost completely.
Consequently, having a wide field of possibilities, formed after the outbreak of the recession, the Zooo Proprietary Limited team developed and tested the strategy of investment in “Humanity success evolution”. In 2015, this strategy was presented publicly and for over a year it serves thousands of investors online.
What are the plans and the future of the company?
We intend to increase investment pool of our company for eight years. Then, for two years, we will process the results obtained and will be able to assess the future prospects. Obviously, for a real change in the life of everyone, the most valuable projects are the ones concerning everyone who lives on the Earth. As a result of the first ten years of work we see the opportunity to combine developments in order to identify projects of such level and scope, as well as to consolidate the resources required to implement them.
Can the Muslims invest in
Yes, they can. The main direction, in which the capital of our investors is used, is the change of surrounding life on the Earth. This activity implies a public good and does not imply losses to others. “Humanity success evolution” ® assumes banking on the expansion and evolution of the financial markets, which entails a redistribution of capital. Our clients, i.e. investors, hold a stake.

Question about the humanity success evolution

What is “Humanity success evolution”?
It is the name of the strategy developed and implemented by for nearly two years (since January, 2015). This strategy combines certain principles and approaches for selecting investment projects, as well as specific methods and goals of interaction with such projects. So, the main goal of Zooo Proprietary Limited is to obtain funding through and placement of capital in projects that can change the life of the average person in the course of a single life in order to ensure the implementation of such change, as well as making a profit from it. This profit is distributed among all investors of
What are the principles of projects selection for “Humanity success evolution”? put its money on favorites of the thousands of projects, start-ups, initiatives, ideas, inventions and features that really allow something to change. That is the first. Furthermore, these projects should be able to bring huge profits. That is the second. And last but not least, we should not forget that we can not wait. Our investor can not wait (with an emphasis and throwing up the hands, as if appealing to the Almighty). These criteria and our skills were enough to develop approaches allowing to find these projects and earn profit.
Can I get acquainted with the projects and the companies the invests in?
Yes, you can. We are preparing a gradual presentation and adjustment of public support for the projects we interact with. If you want more information, contact us at
What is the success criterion of your strategy?
First of all, it is a profit to our investors. We have also determined that our mission should be a change of life on the Earth within a single human life, and we have identified these changes as the main criterion for the success of our strategy.
What is the future of your strategy?
We believe that the changes we have initiated will have greater development, and the impact of the projects we interact with goes far beyond the industries, in which these projects were carried out.

Question related to legality and reporting of the company

Does the company work legally?
Yes, our company is registered and has the legal responsibility in accordance with the legislation of Australia. Our regulator is Australian Securities & Investments Commission.
What is the registration number of your company?
Our company is registered under the number ACN: 615 220 061.
What is the legal address of your company?
Address of our company: Australia 91 Phillip St, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000
What is the actual address of the company?
The main actual address of the company coincides with its legal address. Nevertheless, the majority of our specialists work at home or in remote offices.
Is it possible to visit your head office?
Yes, it is. We organize periodic meetings with investors. For this you need to send a request to
Is it necessary to register the taxes on income that I get?
You do not need to file declarations to the tax authorities of your country, because our company pays all taxes in accordance with the UK tax code. However, you can file taxes in your country and declare your income that you get from the invested capital.
Can I get a signed contract?
Yes, it is possible. For deposits, the amount of which is not less than the $30000, we offer the service of sending notarized contracts. This contract specifies the amount of investment capital, which is controlled by the company, as well as the commitments on the use of this capital.
Is your company a financial pyramid?
No, it is not. We use funds from investors to make a profit and pay the income from this profit, rather than from the funds of our investors.
Why does your company belong to the HYIP category?
Our company does not belong to HYIP. We offer an open investment program and anyone can join it. We have no specific plans for the “monitoring” and we do not associate ourselves with projects that are usually named so.
How can I be sure that the company pays income?
First of all, you can invest at any time and make sure that the company not only pays a profit every day and without fail, but also makes payment to the account instantaneously. Furthermore, you can consult with other investors of the company, which can be found on the official pages or partners’ page. Also, due to the wide popularity of, you can easily find a large number of real investors and comments on cooperation with us. You can start with our social pages (HERE or HERE), as well as forums and independent audit services (HERE).
Do you provide services for investment insurance?
The investments of our customers are carefully protected by hedging, diversification and other methods, which provide for guaranteed security. However, because of the need to reduce the total number of operations, and to maximize their speed, investment insurance services are temporarily unavailable. This in no way increases the risks of working with the company.

Client support question

Can I call the company?
Yes, you can call using one of the phones of the company: ХХХ, ХХХ
What language is used for client support services?
At the present moment we provide technical support on our website around the clock in a chat mode in English, Russian and Spanish languages. The language that the operator speaks is shown in the brief description about him/her. You can also use the client phone support services. All phone operators speak English, and some of them also speak Russian.
I have tried to reach the client support, but nobody is responding.
Operators of our call center become available as soon as you reach your turn in the queue. Therefore, you may not receive a response to your phone call right away. Besides, if all call center operators are busy, the call is diverted to an additional group of operators who are located outside of the office, and who stay online. In any case, your call will not be left unprocessed.
How does your call center work?
In order to ensure the highest level of service for our clients, we provide phone support. You can find answers to most of the questions related to the company itself or how the site works, in real time conversation. Since the number of our clients, and our popularity are growing, our call center works based on the principle of remote offices and outsourcing.
What is the schedule of the client support services?
Our client support service works every day, around the clock.
What is the standard procedure of user request processing?
The support service processes all requests on a first come first served basis. This usually takes from 24 to 48 hours. We only respond to promotional requests if we need such services. Monitoring offers and other types of collaborations are discussed in the order in which they come, and are responded to only if we are interested.

Confidentiality and security

What information about myself should I provide to the company?
We do not require our clients to have to provide their personal data. You can use anonymous contact details and names. However, in this case, the contract with the company will not have full legal power. The minimum amount of information about you that the company needs is your full name and your email address. The mandatory fields are shown in the registration form.
How is the information about me going to be used?
Your personal information will be used for identification purposes, and for storing the history of your financial operations. The email address will be used for sending you official news published on the site, as well as important technical notifications.
How are my personal data protected?
Your personal data are protected at the highest level, and are stored in a safe place. First of all, all confidential data are stored in an encrypted format. The information is transmitted using SSL protocol. Besides the fact that our site has been checked for weak spots and threats from users, the whole hosting is safely protected from DDoS attacks. Attorneys and cryptography specialists have also taken care to ensure that the content of the information itself is not available through a legal request, therefore, the information about your income and finances is protected.
What other statistics about users does the company collect?
We do not collect any data other than what we publish on our site on the first page. We also don’t use the information about the activity of users without their public notification. We do not follow any activity of the users on the site. However, we strictly control the financial indicators and accurate fulfillment of all monetary transactions (up to a cent). This information is processed only anonymously, and is used in the array of data to control the situation.
What information is commonly accessible on website?
All information that is available without a special entry into the user account is public. All information that is located in the user account is hidden from search engine robots and is not available for our staff or the client support services.

User account

How many accounts can I create?
You can create an unlimited number of accounts. Yet, it is prohibited to create new accounts to receive fake partner commissions. If we find out about this type of an action on your behalf, your accounts will be blocked, and your funds will be frozen. After the necessary legal procedures are followed, the funds will be invested in a fund created on behalf of charitable organizations with a target aim of helping the poor and distributing the funds according to their priorities.
Can I invest without creating an account?
In order to be able to perform all operations on the site, such as creating a deposit, receiving a unique partner link, receiving representative payments, you have to have an account. You can create it for free on this page after providing us with the minimal amount of data about you.
Can I create several accounts from one computer for different people?
Yes, you can do that, however, if necessary, you will need to be able to provide personal data and documents for these people. Besides, you will have to be ready to provide the proof that each of these people is the owner of the account by doing a live video interview. If you refuse to hold an interview, all partner funds may be frozen, and the account itself may be blocked.
Can I delete my own account?
No, a user account cannot be deleted.
Why am I not permitted to delete my account?
All account information is encrypted. It is not available for other users or company staff, and cannot be used for the purposes that have not been agreed upon with the user. Therefore, deleting an account does not make sense, and is technically impossible.
Can I unsubscribe from company emails?
Unfortunately, at this moment this is technically impossible. In order to provide for the stable work of the company we have to have a continuous channel of message delivery, and the texts themselves are in the form of a report about our work. We do not use the address for blatant advertising and daily spam, that is why we hope that this will not create discomfort for you.
Can I add or change my payment information?
Yes, you can do that. This option is available on the “Edit Account” webpage. You need to input the data on this page. After the page has been updated, you will see a field to input the code. You will receive the code in your email. We recommend you to check whether you receive messages from the website of the company before changing the parameters of entry or your payment information.
What are the limitations that exist when registering on the website?
You have to reach the age that gives you the right to be a party in legal contracts according to the laws of your country. Besides, it is prohibited to register when using a partner referral link to receive profits.
What data in the account can be changed after the registration?
After the registration, you can add your wallets, change your name and password. You cannot change your email address or your sponsors and partners. Technical support operators cannot do that either.
What documents do I have to provide after the registration?
You don’t have to provide any documents before or after the registration on our site. After the deposit has been processed and gone through the cycle, and you have received your profits, we don’t have any additional requirements or limitations either.
Do I need a special link to register my account?
No, registration is open for everyone. It is public.
What problems may occur when entering the account?
The human factor, that is errors when inputting the data necessary to enter the system (the login and password) are the most common reasons for issues. If you have issues with logging into your account, ensure that the login and password that you have input are correct. Also, check the language you are using to input the data. Try to clear the password, the browser buffer and delete the cookies. If the issue is not resolved, consult client support services.
Can I change the password?
Yes, this is possible. Still, we recommend you to ensure that you are receiving emails from the company website into your email box. If this is not happening, either check yourself, of verify through your administrator that the domain name of your website has been whitelisted in the list of respondents of the mailing service of the provider you are using.
What is “an active” account?
An active account is an account that has been created with at least one deposit.
What language should I use when registering on the website on
All account information and data are stored on the website in the Latin symbol encoding, therefore, your registration should also be done in this language. We also recommend you using Latin encoding for your passwords.

Questions about deposits and investing

What is a deposit?
A deposit is an amount of funds that is placed on the accounts of our company with the help of our website. A deposit is an investment that has the parameters of the amount, the duration of the deposit, the profit level, and the schedule of payments. Each deposit refers to a certain investment plan, and is serviced separately. An investor may have an unlimited number of deposits.
Can I register but not invest anything?
Yes, you can register and create a deposit later, or never create one. Your account will not be blocked or deleted.
How can I create a deposit?
You can create a deposit after registering on our site, and having chosen an investment plan. After that, you need to finish the procedure of creating a deposit that includes transferring monetary funds onto our accounts through the interface of the website, as well as our receiving this amount to show it on the site (when using certain currencies this may take some time).
What is the procedure of creating a deposit?
In order to create a deposit you need to enter the website, move to the site of creating a deposit, choose a certain plan (Normal, After или Premium), input the amount, confirm the choice, transfer the funds and receive a notification about receiving the funds on our account that notifies about activating a deposit.
Sometimes email notifications do not get through due to external reasons that are out of our control. That is why we recommend you to choose your account information by hand. Based on the same reasons, money transfer may be delayed. If a transfer of your funds has been too slow, we recommend you to leave a request with the client support service, and wait a bit (these types of cases take place with the Bitcoin payment system).
What currencies does your company take?
At the moment we work with PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, AdvCash and Payeer payment systems.
On the first page of it states that you take VISA and Maestro. Is that true?
This is true. We take these investments through Payeer payment system that works with operations from cards of accounts from the CIS countries, as well as a number of other countries. Besides, you can use one of many exchange services that take cards, and even cash funds. A list of them is located here.
How can I invest using a VISA or a MasterCard?
If you live in the CIS countries, you can invest from your card or even a banking account using the Payeer system. In other cases we recommend you to study the page of “Exchangers” or use search engines to find the ways to create a virtual account or buy the currency that we take.
Can I make money without investing?
Yes, you can receive profits on our website without creating a deposit. To do that you need to create a user account, receive and distribute your referral link. We also provide an opportunity to participate in the regional program, as well as a wide set of tools to work with these instruments and receive a significant profit from them (you can get more information from We do not provide any promo deposits, and we do not pay in advance.
I want to invest using Skrill, Payza, PayPal, Qiwi systems. Is that possible?
Unfortunately, at this moment investing in these currencies is not possible. We recommend you to go to the “Exchanges” page on our website to find an appropriate for you exchange service.
Why don’t you accept deposits using a wider spectrum of payment options?
Our website is automated, and works at a fast speed. A lot of operations are performed using a remotely managed wallet. This system of interaction is called an API. Not all payment systems have corresponding parameters that work with our business processes.
Can I create several deposits?
Yes, you can create several deposits with different investment plans, using different payment systems. The number of these deposits is unlimited.
Can I create a deposit right away according to any of the offered plans, any group, or does it have to be first in the first plan, and only then in the second one?
Yes, right after the registration you can invest into any of our offered investment plans in any of the investment groups. The size of your profit will depend on the size of the deposit (the higher the deposit, the higher the profit).
Are the payments automatic?
Yes, all of the payments, and other financial operations are performed automatically on the website.
Are payments automatic for any amount?
Yes, payments for any amount are immediately fulfilled. At the same time, the maximum transaction amount on each finished deposit for one user is $30000. That is exactly how each payment is processed automatically. We always ensure providing the necessary available balance of capital.
How fast are the operations of transferring funds on the deposit, as well as the withdrawal of the funds?
All operations are performed immediately. Deposit and withdrawal of money is performed with the speed of processing the request by servers, and that is just done in a flash of a second.
Is it possible to have delays in operations?
Yes, these cases are possible. There is a 00.1% probability of failure on the site. However, a much more common reason for a delay is due to the payment systems that you are using because they have their own limitations, and their load is simply overwhelming. For example, PerfectMoney is sometimes not available, so check their site in case of a delay. Besides, some payment systems work with us using intermediaries who perform operations in an autonomous mode (Bitcoin, for example).
If you have faced the problems related to payments, we would like to ask you to gather all of the information about the purpose of the payment, and the parameters of the transaction from the site of the payment system. Don’t forget that some payment systems may be slow when performing an operation due to a high load. Unfortunately, we cannot impact these processes, however, fortunately, this number is minimal and is not expanding.
What time zone does the website function in?
The time on the site follows the basic Internet standard time of GMT 0:00.
At what time is the profit accrued on the site?
Profit accrual takes place based on the schedule that starts from the time when your deposit was created. If the chosen investment plan assumes a payment at the end of its duration, then this payment will be performed exactly on time, when the investment period from the moment of creating a deposit has ended. If you have chosen a plan with daily profit payments, the profits will be accrued at the same time - the time of creating a deposit, every day.
Can I invest directly from a bank account?
At this moment there is no such possibility, still you can purchase the virtual currency that has been approved for investing on the site through one of the exchange services on the page of “Exchanges” or by using Bitcoin (for US citizens, and people from some other countries).
What currency is the profit on the account accrued on in Bitcoins?
The profit from the investment in Bitcoins in accrued in US dollars. When you create a deposit, there is a conversion of your deposit that takes place. When you withdraw the profits, there is a conversion back based on the currency rate that is valid for the day of performing this operation. Therefore, you will receive profits regardless of the fluctuation of Bitcoin currency.
What currency exchange rate is used when converting Bitcoin into dollars?
All of the calculations are performed based on the exchange rate of Bitcoin on
Can I invest through the Western Union?
No, at the present moment this is impossible, but you can easily find a currency exchange that offers to purchase one of the electronic currencies using Western Union. We recommend a later exchange into Bitcoin that you can invest through our site.

Possible problems with deposits

Creating a deposit has not been completed, the amount of the investment is shown on the account balance.
It is possible that the amount of your investment is not enough to create a deposit in the chosen investment plan, i.e. the minimum acceptable investment of the investment plan is higher than the amount that you have sent. This often takes place when you try to make a minimum investment in Bitcoins, and the exchange rate of it is constantly fluctuating, and can significantly change even at the moment of creating a deposit. We apologize for these inconveniences, and we understand them, but unfortunately we cannot impact this in any way. All that you need to do in these circumstances for a successful creation of a deposit is transferring the missing amount to the same wallet that the first transfer of funds on the deposit was made to.
My deposit was placed not in the right investment plan that I have chosen.
This probability is practically impossible. It is most likely that you have chosen this investment plan by chance. In any case, if you have chosen a less profitable option, with a fairly large deposit you can count on changing for a more profitable (or longer) plan. Unfortunately, any other changes are technically impossible at this moment.
I invest in Bitcoins, what should I be afraid of/what should I take into account?
Sometimes, in the cases of investing in Bitcoins, its exchange rate changes, and after you have recalculated it in the exchange rate that our site uses in US dollars, its amount may have changed, or it may not be sufficient to create a deposit. Then the funds will be shown not in the deposit, but on the balance of your account. And all you will have to do would be only repeating the procedure of choosing the plan, and you will only need to change the payment terms into “payment from the balance”. If the amount is still insufficient, you will need to send the missing amount in Bitcoins to the same Bitcoin wallet.
What if my account has an amount on it that is insufficient for creating a deposit?
Simply send the missing difference to the same wallet that you have used to perform the previous transaction of creating this deposit.

Managing a user account

Can I change my email address used during the registration?
In order to ensure maximum security this option is not technically made available at this time.
Can I make an investment in one electronic currency, and withdraw in another?
No, within one deposit you can invest and receive profits in one and the same electronic currency.
Can I exchange electronic currencies on the site?
Unfortunately, as of today, due to technical reasons, exchange operations on our website are not supported.
What is the minimum amount that I can withdraw?
For investments in PerfectMoney it is $0.10, for investments in Payeer, ADVCash or Bitcoin - it is $1.
What maximum amount of profit can I withdraw?
You can withdraw the maximum of up to 30000$ in one day from one investment. That is, if you have several deposits that have reached the end of the term, you can withdraw more than this amount. These transactions are performed immediately.
Are any commission fees collected on your site?
No, we do not charge any commission fees.
Who pays the commission that is charged by the payment systems?
The sender pays the commission when sending the money to, and our company pays the commission when the funds have already been placed.
How fast are operations performed on your site?
All payments are performed immediately. Delays are possible only due to failures of payment systems.
Are there ever any delays in payments?
All operations are usually performed immediately because that is the same way that the majority of payment systems work. Still, when a payment system goes through a large workload, or if there are errors, it is possible to experience delays and returned payments.
Do I need to provide any documents in order to receive profits after the deposit has been closed?
No, after the deposit has been closed, and the profit has been received, you do not have to provide documents or perform any other actions. You will receive the accruals automatically. Your funds will be available for you, and you will be able to withdraw them fully or re-invest.
Do I have to perform any actions, or conditions when the deposit cycle has been completed?
No, after your deposit has been closed you do not have to perform any other actions, conditions, or additional payments.
Can the deposit created be increased?
No, you cannot increase the deposit that has already been created. You also cannot change its total amount. However, you can create an unlimited number of other deposits.
Can a contract be cancelled before the end of its term?
No, based on the conditions of our company this is not possible. It is possible to automatically cancel the contract only if there are force majeures circumstances that take place, however, even in this case the contract is not closed, but is rather considered impossible to fulfill.

Questions about reinvesting

What is reinvesting?
Reinvesting is a function that is available on the site that allows to increase the profit on behalf of partial or full use of profits that will be transferred to a deposit right away.
How can we manage reinvesting?
Reinvesting is possible when creating a deposit on the “Normal” and “Premium” investment plans. If the parameters of the plan don’t provide for managing the reinvesting option, it is impossible to use it or change it. The amount of reinvesting is set during the registration, and it can also be changed using the corresponding option in the list of deposits. If this option is not available, that means that it is impossible to change reinvesting in this plan.
I have created a deposit based on the “Normal” investment plan. How and where can I change the percentage of reinvesting?
You need to enter the list of your deposits and find the “Change” button in the table. When you click on this button, you will be able to choose a new percentage for repeat investing.
How is the profit from reinvesting accrued?
When you use reinvesting, you receive additional income because all of the profit that you receive immediately becomes part of your deposit. The profit from reinvesting is accrued the next day after the main profit. Therefore, your profits are constantly increasing, and the deposit is growing.
How has reinvesting become possible in your company?
Due to “Humanity success evolution” we have access to the digital environment that allows to interact with a great number of projects, including financial opportunities. That is, perform investing, and receiving profits from investments. Therefore, we are dealing with our own market that works around the clock, and brings profits to everyone who trusts us with his/her capital. All we have to do is include them in our investment circle.
How does reinvesting work?
As an example, if your deposit in a daily investment plan is in the amount of $100, and you are using 50% reinvestment option, you will receive $0.5 the next day, and the amount of your deposit will be $100.5.
What is another way for me to increase my profits?
You can participate as a partner or a program representative. Besides, you can make as many investments as you like in any of the investment plans. The amount of your total income will allow you to ensure having a long-term source of funds. Our company is very respectful towards preserving funds, and places large profits in Switzerland in separate closed accounts.

Issues related th the work of the site

How can I register on the site and use its functions?
The main steps and principles of using the site are described on the “Instruction”.
What is the schedule of availability?
The site is available around the clock, every day, without any weekends, 99.99% of the time the servers are completely stable.
How is the website protected?
The site has SSL protection, DDoS attack protection, protection from harmful programs, spy software, and protection from system errors. Monitoring of the work of all components of the site, and access protection is performed regularly.
What does the site statistics show?
The statistics shows the general tendencies and indicators of the company in real time on an example of specific numbers.
I see a significant jump in statistics, what does that mean?
Sometimes statistics takes into account the whole volume of data with a delay. This is related to the volume of data that the system has to process and take into account according to their complex architecture. All operations on the site are performed at the same time, and immediately, that is why, as a result, episodic instability may be noted in their work.
How can I choose the language of the website?
The website language can be chosen in the right top corner. The main translation is available in Russian and in English. Machine translation is available in other languages.
Can I lose access to the site?
No, 99.99% of the time the servers are absolutely stable.
What should I do if the site is not available?
The official pages in social networks, phones and electronic addresses work regardless of the site, and the work of the site is not at all impacting the work of the company itself. You can always easily find us using the wide variety of contacts that we provide.

Partnership program questions

What is the partnership program?
The partner program is a set of technical solutions and financial capabilities that have been created for active investors and entrepreneurs who are ready to participate in the development of our company, and receive a worthy reward for it.
Can I receive a reward for promoting
Yes, if you use a partner link, and your audience uses it to register on the site.
Will I receive a reward from all of the investments of my partner?
Yes, from all of the deposits of your partner that were made using payment systems.
What is the profit in the partnership program of offers you to receive an 8% profit from each deposit of the users who have registered using your link.
What are the conditions of bonus accrual?
In order to receive the profits from your link, any user has to register through it. After the registration they have to create a deposit in any of the currencies.
How is the profit paid out?
The profit is paid out immediately in an automated mode based on your request. It is accrued on your account at the same time as time of creating a deposit according to the schedule of your plan, and that is also done automatically and immediately.
What currency will I receive the reward in within the partnership program?
At this moment we pay rewards only in the currency that the deposit was created in. You can also invest these funds again, and receive the profits from them.
Does my profit on the partner program depend on the amount of my deposit?
No, the profit on the partner program does not depend on the amount that you have invested or the existence of the deposit in general.
Does my profit depend on the investment plan that my partner has chosen?
No, the amount of the reward does not depend on the plan that the partner has chosen.
At what stage is the profit accrued from the partner program?
This profit is accrued to you right after a user deposit has been created, for the user who has registered using your partner referral link.
Can the sponsor be changed?
No, the sponsor cannot be changed.
Can the partner be changed?
No, the partner cannot be changed.
Can the partner link be lost? Can it become blocked?
Yes, if you violate our rules, or the policy of fighting the spam. In this case your link may become blocked, and your funds be frozen.
What am I not allowed to do with the referral link?
The partner link cannot be used in mass or unwanted mailings, or in messages of electronic email, or the messages that should not have been sent to the recipients.
Why do I need a partner referral link?
The partner referral link allows to receive additional income having participated in the reward program. It is unique, and it serves to identify those who have registered as referred by you.
What should I do if I have not received the profits on the partner program?
If you have not received the profits, most likely you have faced the situation of a technical failure. In this case, if the failure occurred not due to your own fault, we usually accrue income manually. If the reason for the error in your work with the system and the human factor, we, unfortunately, will not be able to help you.
Unfortunately, the human factor is the most widely spread reason. Most of the time, the problems take place due to an incorrect use of the link (a polluted buffer (cash) or repeated visits to from other sources (without a partner referral link). In order to avoid this, we recommend before the registration through your referral link to clear the cookies (cash).

The program of regional representation

What is a regional program?
A regional program is opening online and offline regional representative offices of Zooo Proprietary Limited to provide services of the company at a higher quality level, and with a wider variety of languages. This program is based on the technical capacities, as well as the financial stimulus that is set according to our economic calculations and a business plan.
Who can become a regional representative?
Anyone who has registered on the site, and corresponds to the requirements (has reached the legal age limit) can become a representative of our company in his/her country. The more communication options you can provide, the more potential clients you can attract.
What is the schedule of bonus accrual for the regional representatives?
Regional representatives receive bonus accruals at the end of each month within three days from the moment of calculating all of the data based on the number of attracted partners and their activity.
What should a regional representative of do?
A regional representative should be ready to provide information about the activity of our company, its services, its website, and its financial instruments. We hope that our regional representatives share our philosophy and are striving to achieve the same that we are working for. We hope that they will follow the ethical principles, and inform potential investors about all of the details of the investment offer.
Can I open an office as a regional representative?
Yes, this is possible. You need to send the information about your intent, and you will receive support to open up an office, as well as accompanying materials for your work. You will also receive materials for offline promotions from the following email -
What is an “active” user account?
A user account is active if there is at least one deposit that has been created in it. Therefore, those of the users who you have invited are considered active if they have created a deposit.
What is the profit from participating in the regional program?
The regional program allows to receive long-term cooperation with significant prospects and a high level of profit. The result and the amount of success will depend only on you. Each regional representative receives an additional reward in the amount of 3% from each new deposit. Also, each person visiting the page of regional representatives sees you. If you are the most active representative in your country, you will be at the top of the list, therefore you will be most noticeable for other users.
How can I receive a consultation from a regional representative?
In order to do that you will need to move to the page of regional representatives and choose the country that you need from the list. The contact information for regional representatives is open and has been openly published. Do not forget that each regional representative is a free partner, and his activity is completely his right. Still, we are confident that you can always rely on the support of our representatives.
How can I make more money? How can I activate those I have registered?
You can publish your income reports and all of the materials on your pages in social networks, participate in votings on monitoring sites, and also publish reports in forums that are provided on the “Partner” webpage. Any reports about cooperation with our company, spreading the news and reports, may allow you to receive “active” registration, that is a specific income. The wider the audience that you can reach using your referral link, the higher is the probability to increase your income.
Can I complain about regional representatives?
Yes, of course. Each representative is the face of our company, that is why each of them has his own trust level, level of reputation and rating. If there are any complaints about the regional representative, he can lose his representative status. Inform about any questionable situations at the client support services of
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